Corporate Massage Melbourne – De-stressing Your Team

ContactusCorporate Massage, Melbourne - SeatedDo the members of your team constantly feel stressed and fatigued, less enthusiastic and alert at work, causing them to perform poorly or less than what you expect?

One way to remarkably increase the productivity and motivation of your team and boost the morale in the office is by integrating corporate massage. Melbourne companies are embracing this as a great way to help improve the professional lives of staff.

This professional service provided by a certified and insured massage practitioner can significantly reduce muscle pain and tension which de-stresses your employees without having to leave the office. It can make an instant and notable difference to the energy and even to the happiness in the workplace. Such difference ultimately motivates your staff to perform their best for your company.

Seated Massage

The seated massage in the workplace helps reset the perception of one’s professional life with all its many physical, emotional, and mental challenges.  It can quickly and effectively invigorate your staff members, relaxing and recharging their energies for them to be ready to get back to work.

The seated office massage which is usually conducted for 10 to 30 minutes is a combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques, usually on the muscle groups in the shoulders, back, neck, hands and arms. It is practiced without oil or lotion on someone who is fully clothed.

It is usually done with the person seated on an ergonomically designed chair which gives full support to the head (face forward), arms, legs, and torso. Since the specialized chair can be folded easily and is portable, it can be set up almost anywhere at the workplace – in the conference room, at the lounge, in a spare office.  But if, under some reason, employees have to stay at their desks or cubicles, the massage chair can be set up right in front of their desks.  Seated corporate massage is very convenient and eliminates the need for total privacy.

Table Massage

Table massage is an option if a longer session is possible in your company. It is performed using oil or lotion and usually done for at least 30 minutes in an enclosed space so employees can be comfortable taking off part of their clothing. Table massage offers a more remedial aspect of treatments and relaxation as it involves working on up to 50% (or more) of the body. Just like the seated massage, it relieves the body from muscle pain and tension and can even calm emotions and soothe the mind, providing full relaxation for the body, mind, and spirit.

It can be a little demanding with regards to time, space, and privacy, but overall, both the seated massage and table massage are a convenient way to rejuvenate your stressed and tired staff.

Benefits of Massage

Best Corporate Massage Company Melbourne; Joan BestMassage does way more than relaxing the mind and the body. It has been proven to be beneficial to those experiencing health conditions like depression and anxiety; neck, back, and leg pains; insomnia; mild to severe headaches; strains and sprains; muscle tension and spasm; and stress and other stress-related problems, to name a few.

It can be the solution to any unpleasant feeling or condition your staff may experience after several hours of hard work. And since it soothes and clears the mind, it can help them be more capable of making important decisions, reducing or even eliminating the chances of making costly, damaging, and/or time-consuming mistakes. It can also help in maintaining the harmony, unity, and peace in the workplace, significantly reducing or totally eliminating dispute amongst employees, since it puts each person in a more calm and positive state of the mind and emotion.

Corporate massage in Melbourne truly is a quick and effective way to help improve, reinforce, and take care of the “backbone” of your company. Remember, a happy, invigorated, and healthy workforce is one indispensable factor for the success of any business or organisation.

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